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The goal is to achieve the intuitiveness of software
and hardware use, while maintaining the focus of security.

A few ideas below that help that goal to be achieved

Data Encryption

With simple but great ways

Your data except email and subscription data are encrypted using a key,
and that key is your password, which securely hashed with salt and stored in the server.

This makes sure that in the unlikely event of server data compromise, your information such as
full name • password • account settings are protected from the attacker.

This means that, we, do not have access to information such as,
your 2-Factor Authentication status, or the email assigned for it to receive one-time-passcode.

All that information is decrypted on the fly when you login to your account, and is never stored in the server, otherwise, what would be the reason for all of this.

Simple Web

Like it used to be

Why is all this done you would ask, the reason is simple. It is to keep the web as simple as possible, while going on with the progress of technology, which means, better experience in the Internet.

We don't need your data, we don't want to sell it to advertisers so we can get loads of money,
and while advertisements are what keep free content alive, we think there is a difference
between source of income and massive surveillance.

We are open with you about how your data is stored, and we don't want to hide it from you.

Our logo keeps the same philosophy and is inspired from a simple switch design,
1 means ON, 0 means OFF.

Creating new standards

According new visions

We think of new ways which can help ease our lives, starting from simple things such as interaction, ending with the overall experience with a product or a category of products.

This is what we are trying to achieve, a place where you can achieve your dreams
while working in an intuitive environment, yet still having the knowledge for realizing complex ideas.

Enterprise services such as TrackMan and OrderMan, are one of them,
they help you not to worry about the underlying code much, and instead spending your time
in making a website experience you want for your customers, so realizing your vision.

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